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San Diego Chargers Football Tailgating

By San Diego Chargers NFL Tickets Staff Writer: R. Murray

Charger games at the Qualcomm Stadium are always so fun. Why not make the experience better by doing a little pregaming with friends, food, and fun?  Qualcomm Stadium can be found at 9449 Friars Road, San Diego, California, 92108.


Tailgating Policies: 

  • Tailgating is allowed within the confines of an individual parking space. This encompasses either immediately in front of the vehicle or the rear of the parked vehicle. Tailgaters who interfere or take up multiple parking spaces and refuse to remove their items have been known to be cited by the San Diego Police Department.
  • No glass bottles, drinking glasses, glass cups, glass jars, glass bowls, etc. If it is made of glass and you bring it to Qualcomm Stadium, the San Diego police officers on site will issues a citation on the spot with no prior warning.
  • No throwing, discharging, launching or spilling any solid object, including footballs, baseballs, frisbees and other such devices. This means no playing catch in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot.
  • No kegs allowed unless a keg permit and proof of liability insurance has been obtained by the Stadium Manager. Tailgaters can apply for a keg permit by calling (619) 641-3100.
  • Post-game tailgating is limited to two hours after the conclusion of the game. All cars must vacate the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot within a two hour window. Overnight parking is prohibited unless a special permit has been requested and granted.
  • No pets or animals allowed. Exceptions are made for service animals assisting disabled persons such as the vision or hearing impaired.
  • No explosives, fireworks, stink bombs or other substance which are potentially physically harmful or offensive. 

Alcohol Policies:

Beer, wine and liquor are available for sale inside Qualcomm Stadium. Alcohol sales begin from the time the gates open and continue until the end of the third quarter for San Diego Chargers games. Exceptions do apply. In particular, alcohol sales are terminated after half-time at Chargers home games when they play the Oakland Raiders. OF COURSE, an individual must be 21 years of age to buy alcoholic beverages and proof of age is required for everyone. There is a two-drink limit per order during the first half of the game. After the third quarter begins, it is a one-drink limit per transaction. No alcohol will be sold in the fourth quarter.

Keep in mind, alcohol may not be brought into the stadium or taken out of the stadium.


And after you have a blast tailgating, don't forget to come on into the game! Order your tickets now!