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San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders

By Chargers Tickets Staff Writer A.L

Charger Girls

Charger Girls

The Charger Girls are the official dance team of the San Diego Chargers produced by Olmstead Productions. The team originally formed in 1990 and has since become one of the most premiere dance teams in the NFL. The team is currently made up of 28 professional entertainers, career women and college students. Although being a Charger Girl is a part time job, much time and hard work is devoted to the position. As an official representative of the Chargers’ organization, the Charger Girls are very active in their communities and have donated a lot of their time to various charity groups. Because of their growing popularity, the Charger Girls have appeared on numerous television shows on the local, national and international level, and were rated the “Best Cheerleaders in the NFL” by Sport Magazine. They’re also referred to as the “hottest dance team in the NFL.”

E2K Events

The San Diego Chargers have contracted E2K Events & Entertainment to produce and manage the Charger Girls. E2K is the #1 sports entertainment production company on the West Coast. Along with the San Diego Chargers, E2K had produced nine NFL and NBA dance teams. Since 1993, E2K has produced and directed the NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleaders, comprised of one all-star from each team. In addition to these teams, E2K has produced tours in Austria, Japan and Mexico that feature professional NFL and NBA cheerleaders from across the country. E2K has produced over 400 halftime shows, including spectaculars for the Olympics, the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl, and the World Cup.

Lisa Simmons

Lisa Simmons was named the Director of the San Diego Charger Girls after cheering three seasons with the team. During her three seasons, Lisa was a team captain and was also selected to represent the San Diego Charger Girls at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii in 2005. In addition to being a Director, Lisa is an Associate Producer for E2K Sports. She has choreographed for several cheerleading and dance teams and is a former member of the award-winning dance team at San Diego State University.